Sunday, September 16, 2007

Things are quite expensive here at Abidjan. Well, almost everything! But the things which are not relatively expensive are land, leasehold, electricity, cacao, coffee and some fruits like mango. All other essential commodities can be three times more expense than Dhaka. But everyday new constructions are coming up. Seems like economy is going to get a stronger foothold, although the elections seems at least another year away. I met some Bangladeshi businessmen here at Abidjan yesterday. They are here for last 10-11 years. They say, Bangladesh investors can get huge profit from investing here in Cote d'Ivoire. I hope there will be a lot of manpower coming into these parts of the world from Bangladesh. I hope the facilitate some information here in this regard. I start with the procedure to open a business here in Abidjan. Following is a we translation from the official registre du commerce:

With the aim of simplify the formalities of creation of a company, it was instituted a single counter of the investment. Located in the Center of Promotion of Investments (CEPICI), its competence extends to the only formalities from formation of companies which go, strictly speaking, of the recording of the statutes to the publication, the opinion of creation while passing by the registration of the company to the register of trade and loan on personal property.

However, and conformément as well with the spirit of these texts as to the recommendations made by the Government on the matter, the CEPICI deals with, downstream, the achievement of certain formalities complementary to tax, social or different nature making it possible to carry out the follow-up of the company. All the formalities relating to the formation of company can also be made while being addressed to law firms.

The constitution of a company in Ivory Coast supposes the achievement of a certain number of formalities (11 formalities whose 9 administrations are recipients). Cf table Ci afterwards:

Administration recipient
Parts required
Documents to be obtained

1 - Authenticated declaration of subscription and payment. Notary - Receipt of deposit of funds delivered by the bank
- List of the subscribers
Assembling sums paid by each one
Application forms into double specimens

2 - Recording of the statutes and the authenticated declaration of subscription and payment- to make within one month as from the date being reproduced on the statutes

Direction of the Recording and the Stamp

Administrative city, turn E 3rd stage carries 47


- 8 original specimens of the signed and initialed statutes.

- For SA 8 specimens of the verbal lawsuit of the assembly constitutive and the verbal lawsuit of the council.
- stamp charges 500 FCFA on each sheet of each specimen.

- Fee registration 0,6% until 5milliards of CFA of authorized capital

(0,2% for more than 5 billion FCFA)

- For SA: recording of the statement of AG and CA: 6000 FCFA
Six original specimens of the recorded statutes

3 - Deposit of the statutes at the clerk's office of the court.

Graft Court of Abidjan. basement of the Law courts, carries 10

2 specimens of the beforehand recorded statutes

Receipt of deposit

4 - Registration with the register commercial and loan on personal property.

Graft Court Of Abidjan or court of the seat of the company

- 5 forms of inscription to the register available to the single counter

1000 FCFA play of the 5 printed ones.

10.000FCFA the inscription with the register.

2 forms carrying the date and the serial number to the register commercial

5 - Publication of the opinion of creation and registration to the register of trade and loan on personal property.

Official Journal
Fraternity morning
Typed summary of the statutes in two specimens (opinion)

6000 FCFA per line

Imm. CCIA 15ème étage, BP V 65 ABIDJAN
Tel :(225) 20 21 30 89 / 20 21 30 88 / 90
Fax : (225) 20 21 64 74
Responsable: Mme Amah Marie TEHOUA (Ministre)

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how do i get Bangladeshi businessman's contact details who are there and doing business. my email

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